Hi, writer friend. My name is James Hurst.

As a TV writer and showrunner with over two decades in the industry, I understand the demands and challenges that aspiring writers confront. 

Through Screenright’s online TV writing courses, I am committed to assisting screenwriters in enhancing their skills, completing their scripts, and fast-tracking their careers. My experience and passion for teaching are reflected in every lesson, preparing you to meet and exceed industry expectations.

Screenwriter James Hurst on set

My Vision...

is to create a community of screenwriters who are empowered, inspired, and supported in their craft. I believe screenwriting is not a solitary pursuit, but rather a collaborative effort that requires feedback, guidance, and accountability.  

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My Mission...

is to help screenwriters level up their skills, accelerate their careers and tell the stories that matter most to them, while promoting diversity, representation, and inclusion in the industry.

My Journey Until Now...

TV Creator's Workshop

2023: Launched Screenright’s first online program, TV Creator’s Workshop.

I created TV Creator’s Workshop (originally titled From Premise to Pitch) for aspiring TV writers who want to bring their series concept to life.

2022: Founded Screenright.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded me how hard it is for writers without the support of a writing room. I realized the struggles aspiring TV writers face when working alone, including a lack of guidance, accountability, and opportunities for growth. I knew I had to do something to help my fellow writers overcome these challenges.

Mistletoe Murders

2022-Now: Mistletoe Murders.

Writer on the popular Amazon Audible podcast series starring Cobie Smulders. I am proud of the episodes “Walking With Ghosts Pts 1 & 2”, available on Amazon Audible.

Hardy Boys

2020: Hardy Boys

Writer/CO-EP on the Emmy award winning teen mystery series. Watch my episode “Eye to Eye” on Hulu in the US, on YTV in Canada, and streaming on Alibi in the UK.

Frankie Drake Mysteries

2018: Frankie Drake Mysteries

Writer/Showrunner on season two of the popular historical mystery series. I am fond of the season two finale I wrote, “Now You See Her” which you can stream on CBC Gem in Canada, and on Alibi in the UK. In the US, it is available on Amazon Prime Video and PBS Masterpiece.

Slasher TV Series

2017: Slasher: Guilty Party

Writer, season two of the popular horror anthology series. Check out the episode I wrote, “Saint Sebastian” which you can stream on Netflix in the US, on Super Channel and Amazon Prime in Canada and on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Wynonna Earp

2016: Wynonna Earp

Writer/Producer, season one of the popular genre series. I’m proud of two episodes I wrote, “The Blade” and “Two-Faced Jack”, which you can stream on Netflix in the US, on Crave in Canada and on Amazon Prime in the UK.

The Listener TV series

2012-2014: The Listener

Writer/Co-EP, seasons two through four of the popular mystery/genre series, available for purchase on Amazon Prime and iTunes in the US, streaming on Sky Go in the UK streaming on CTV in Canada. 

Flashpoint TV series

2009-2010: Flashpoint

Writer/Supervising Producer on season two and three of the popular police drama. I am very proud of the episode “One Wrong Move” which I co-wrote with showrunners Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern, which you can stream on Paramount+ in the US, or on the CTV app in Canada

Being Erica

2009-2011: Being Erica

Writer/Producer. I am very proud of the episode I wrote in season one “The Secret of Now”, which you can stream on CBC Gem in Canada, on Hulu in the US, or buy on Amazon Prime or iTunes in the UK.

2002-2012: Degrassi: The Next Generation

Writer/Showrunner.  I am proud of many of the episodes I wrote but if I had to pick two I’d go with “I Against I” and “High Fidelity: Part 2” which you can stream on HBO Max in the US, on the CTV App in Canada or purchase on Amazon Prime in the UK.

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