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Our courses go beyond teaching; they're your bridge to the writing career you've always dreamed of.

Programs for all TV Writers

We provide TV writing training for TV writers at all stages of their careers. Enroll in live writing workshops taught in our online classroom with Pilot Script Lab or Pilot Rewrite Lab or dive in and start learning today with our crash course in creating hit series, TV Creator's Blueprint.


TV Creator's Blueprint

Unlock Showrunner Secrets

This game-changing on-demand course transforms passionate writers into creator-showrunners writing and selling their own hit TV series.

In 9 laser-focused modules, I teach you award-winning tools and trade secrets.

From creating irresistible hooks to outlining standout pilots that get studios saying YES, this is your blueprint for creating a hit TV series.

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Pilot Script Lab

Write Your Pilot in Just 12 Weeks

Imagine having a finished draft in just 12 weeks!

Pilot Script Lab is a live course, where you write your pilot script with guidance and feedback from an award-winning showrunner and other writers in online Zoom sessions.

When you're stuck on a plot point or unsure about your concept, instant feedback and expert guidance is your fast-track to success.


Pilot Rewrite Lab

Take Your Script From Good to Sold

Pilot Rewrite Lab is not your average tweaking and polishing course.

Think of it as a boot camp for your pilot script, where every line, every character, and every twist gets sharpened. 

Pilot Rewrite Lab is a live course where you interact with an award-winning showrunner and other writers in writing room sessions on Zoom.  

Meet James.

James Hurst, a Toronto-based television writer, creator, and showrunner, is the CEO and founder of Screenright, an online platform offering comprehensive screenwriting and TV writing courses.

James has written close to 50 produced episodes of TV, working on prestigious series like Degrassi: The Next Generation, Being Erica, Flashpoint, Wynonna Earp and Hardy Boys and more.

A 2010 Peabody Award winner, Showrunner of the Year nominee, two time Gemini nominee, two time Canadian Screenwriting Award winner and five time nominee, James is one of the most respected and trusted screenwriters in Canada.

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Your shortcut to screenwriting success

Join our courses today and experience an elevated learning experience.



Develop high level writing techniques and methods from an award-winning screenwriter & showrunner who knows your struggles.



Learn about the business of screenwriting, including how to pitch, sell scripts, and navigate the complexities of the industry.



Join our online community of screenwriting students and take part in exclusive events, accountability check-ins and Q and A's.

Have you tried other screenwriting courses that didn't get you to where you want to go?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Teachers have never written professionally
  • Course content outdated
  • Teachers lack real-life industry experience
  • Limited practical, hands-on guidance
  • Limited focus on accountability
  • Teachers lack insight into your creative struggles

What Our Writers Say

casper lynn tv writer

"I came into the program with a few ideas, but James and his method helped me narrow my focus. I also found his methods useful in breaking down other series. Plus, James is so enthusiastic for your projects! It's nice having such a supportive cheerleader."

- Casper Lynn (Maryland, USA)

writing for TV

"James breaks down the daunting task of 'just write' into steps and processes that make getting started so much more manageable. James has put such care into making his lessons clear and easy to digest, while still both fun and informative"

- Michelle Samcoe (Toronto, Canada)

"The Screenright programs were everything I hoped for, and more. James' lessons, workbooks and methods were very insightful and inspiring. I think his programs are not only very useful for people who are just starting out, but also a great refresher course for experienced writers about the fundamentals of screenwriting."

- Jop Esmeijer (Rotterdam, NL)

What We Believe.

At Screenright, we believe that aspiring screenwriters like you should be empowered to tell the stories that matter most to you. In order to do that, you need the support, inspiration and guidance from professional screenwriters who have walked in your shoes.

The problem is that the screenwriters who need the most guidance and support receive the least.

We believe that by sharing the insights, tools and creative strategies professional writers possess we can reduce the barriers to entry for new writers, and enrich our community with new voices.