Bring Your TV Pilot to Life

Pilot Script Lab gives you LIVE support to create a pilot script that launches your TV career.





Struggling To Bring Your TV Script To Life?

You know you’ve got that one special story idea. Maybe lots of them. You can see the characters, themes, scenes so clearly in your head.
But every time you try putting it on the page… you hit a wall.
Writer’s block sets up camp in your head. And that unfinished pilot gets chucked in the bottom drawer, never to be seen again.
So, logically, you start doubting your skills – “Maybe a career in TV isn’t right for me?”
Stop right there. You DO have what it takes.
You just need a story room that keeps you accountable for finishing your TV pilot script.

Write Your Script with an Award-Winning Showrunner

In the world of screenwriting, the right guidance can make ALL the difference.

Pilot Script Lab is a live course, where you can interact with an award-winning showrunner and other writers in writing room sessions on Zoom.

When you’re stuck on a plot point or unsure about a character, instant feedback from a community and a seasoned professional is your fast-track to success.

In our writing room sessions, ideas bounce, creativity flows, and your script evolves with each session.

Here’s What’s Included

Live Writing Room Sessions

Be part of vibrant, real-time writing sessions where your ideas are heard, and your challenges addressed.

Feedback from an Award-Winning Showrunner

Get personalized, hands-on guidance from a seasoned professional who knows the industry inside out.

Community Support

Join a group of like-minded writers, share your journey, get insights, and grow together.

A Finished Pilot Script

Turn your ideas into a polished, completed script ready to take the industry by storm.

See the Results from Aspiring Writers Just Like You

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TAKE THIS COURSE! Budding and established writers alike will benefit from learning James’ unique method for creating a series concept that has a solid foundation and places to go.

"This course will have you answering questions you’ve never thought to ask to create the kind of rich detail that will take your series from good to great. James has put such care into making his lessons clear and easy to digest, while still both fun and informative.

You’ll walk away from this course with strong characters, compelling story engines and the confidence to speak about your work in a way that makes people want to listen."

Michelle Samcoe Screenwriter

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I came into the program with a few ideas, but James and his method helped me narrow my focus. I also found his methods useful in breaking down other series. Plus, James is so enthusiastic for your projects! It's nice having such a supportive cheerleader.

Casper Lynn Screenwriter

Get The Live Support & Feedback You Deserve

Imagine holding your completed pilot script, a product of your passion and hard work, ready to make waves in the TV industry.

Pilot Script Lab is your stepping stone to this reality.

It’s where your script gets the life, direction, and polish it deserves – from a blank page to a potential hit show.

Complete secure checkout, and let’s fast-track your TV writing career.


All you need is an idea for a pilot.
Nope! All you need is a broadband connection, a computer and you’re GTG.
A solid foundation in screenwriting principles is recommended. But if you’re getting started as a TV writer, this is a great way to learn how to develop screenwriting skills as you write your pilot.
We meet every Saturday on Zoom from 2-5 PM EST. If you’re unable to join, the class is recorded. In addition to Saturdays, we meet for optional Wednesday night write nights from 6:30-8:30 PM for dedicated work time and Q & A.
The entire program takes between 10-12 weeks to complete.
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